What is Your Favorite Producer Tag?

Sep 03, 2021 by admin - 0 Comments

Justice League.

I mean the name speaks for itself….

I just thought it was so dope for a music production group to name themselves after one of the most badass teams of comic book superheroes that was ever assembled.

I grew up spending many of my years as a youth collecting comic books, so I suspect my choice here is a bit biased.

Not to mention, the group was literally a collection of super producers from the Tampa area, ‘hence the name’.

I remember watching them in the studio, and admiring their production process. It was a producer’s dream to witness that level of greatness!

One guy would start the beat with some nasty chords, and another guy would jump in and add some crazy drums, then someone would come and drop a sick baseline on top of it all.

It was truly beautiful to watch.

And now that I think about it, their bass player was one of the reasons I myself picked up a bass some years ago, and never looked back.

Justice League in my opinion was one of the reasons Rick Ross was so hot in that era. Those live drums and baselines in classic joints like ‘Maybach Music’ were legendary.

Their soulful elements of production blended perfectly with ‘Da Bosses’ magnetic flow and the talented crew definitely lived up to their namesake, and did it ‘Justice’:



Some of the.





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