What’s Your Favorite Delay Plug-In?

Sep 03, 2021 by admin - 0 Comments

Call me crazy, but I’ll always be partial to the Wave’s Hybrid H-Delay plug-in.

This is definitely only because it was the first delay plug-in that I learned about in school. I mean, I’d experimented with other delays before I decided to go to school to learn how to mix. But that was just touch and go stuff, and pretty much years of trial and era.

When I went to school Pro Tools was the first DAW that we were exposed to, and the H-Delay was one of the first effects plug-ins that we covered.

We went over each parameter of that thing with a fine-toothed comb. Each and every pain-staking detail haha. And I absolutely loved every minute of it!

This was truly the first time in all my years of being a self-taught music producer/engineer that I truly understood what I was doing mixing-wise. I wasn’t just turning knobs anymore, things were actually starting to make sense!

I associate that level of comfort and simplicity with the H-Delay to this day. Sure, there are better and more sophisticated delay plugs out there, but the H-Delay is my ‘home-base’ so to speak.

Every time I see it I have fond memories of my first days of class, and it’s a constant reminder of why we should never underestimate the capabilities of basic plugs, as long as they do the job.

Like me old professor used to always tell me – learn to master the K.I.S.S. method in life; Keep It Simple Stupid.


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