Can beginners Start with Logic Pro X?

Sep 30, 2021 by admin - 0 Comments

Of course, you can!

As a beginner, you really can start on any DAW. I’ve used many throughout the years. I started on Fruity Loops. Pro Tools and Reason were then introduced when I went to school for audio engineering. Since then, I’ve used Ableton, Cubase, Cake Walk, and Sonar to name a few.

That said, Logic Pro X has always been my personal favorite.

Being a longtime mac user, I really enjoy how easily Logic integrates basic apple keyboard shortcuts. I didn’t have to spend more time learning shortcuts in Logic because I already knew a lot of them from using my MacBook throughout the years. So my transition to Logic was a smooth one.

Logic makes it easy to toggle between different views. If I want to quickly move from the arrangement window to the mixer view, all I need to do is press ‘x‘ on my keyboard.

If I want to record a loop from the arrangement window, I just choose the regions I want to loop, and then press ‘Command-U’ on my keyboard.

I’ll then press ‘r‘ on my keyboard to start recording. I can also press the spacebar on the keyboard to stop recording.

It’s simple yet powerful shortcuts like these that make Logic so fun to use. Especially as a novice. This also makes it easier to progress and improve.

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