Why do Rappers Claim to be the King of Their City?

Hip-hop has long been a gladiator sport. And as with all competition, there will always be a fight to see who is the best.

Rappers claiming to be the king of their city is nothing new. It’s braggadocio and machismo in it’s purest form. With hip-hop historically being known as an art form rooted in aggressiveness, regardless of the location, the tales of rivalry and bombast run deep.

New York, widely recognized as the mecca of hip-hop (although some have said my hometown Atlanta may have taken that title in recent years…) has spawned some of the most historic examples of this. While many think 6ix9ine’s more recent claim to be the king of N.Y. was merely a strategic marketing ploy, there have indeed been some true declarations for the throne.

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Beat Diaries – Introduction

Am I crazy??!! Well, to be frank, it wouldn’t be the first time I asked myself that question, LOL. But I digress…….

Welcome to the first entry of the Black Joey Beat Diaries! I go by ‘BlackJoey‘, but you can call me ‘Joey’ for short. I’ve been producing hip-hop music for over 15 years now.

But to be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve made enough progress in my music career at this point…

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How To Set Goals As a Producer!

How to Learn New Drum Patterns – FAST!

So you’re in the lab cooking up some new ?.

You’ve laid a sick chord progression and you’re ready to add some banging drums!

The drum pattern you’ve put down is cool, but it’s flat. Something is out of place.

The beat is nice but it doesn’t have your head nodding back and forth yet.

You start to panic because your new artist has a deadline that’s quickly approaching.

The last batch of beats you sent out were straight bangers! So you know you GOTTA come with that heat rock again.

And there’s no way you can disappoint.

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What is Sidechain Reverb?

Sidechain reverb is a trick used to keep the reverb clean and punchy.

While reverb is a great way to bring out vocals and synths, it can often be harsh and overpower elements in your mix.

Sidechaining the reverb enables you to have more control over how much of it is processed.

You can sidechain pretty much any effect you’d like.

I mainly use Logic Pro these days, but I only have access to Garage Band today on this computer (my daughter is on my main MacBook now doing homework lol) so I can’t get into Logic at the moment.

However, I found a great tutorial online that walks you through using sidechain compression. I’ll post the steps for you here:

You’ll need 2 things:

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