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Why Is Kevin Samuels So Popular?

In one word.

He’s polarizing.

Kevin Samuels is popular amongst black men in my humble opinion because he provides us with an intelligent perspective rooted in self-improvement. He will often say that he is filling a void for black men that should have been addressed by black fathers. While this statement may be controversial, I quite frankly agree with it.

What Do You Like The Most About Being a Music Producer?

I remember the first beat I ever sold….

I was up all night working on my smoke gray MPC 2000XL (I know I may be dating myself here but it’s all good lol).

I had just bought it used from Guitar Center a few days prior for around $900 bucks.

I opted to buy this much-acclaimed drum machine instead of making a down payment on some new wheels that winter. I didn’t have a car at the time and we were in the middle of one of the coldest winters that Atlanta has seen in a long time.

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How To Set Goals As a Producer!

What is Sidechain Reverb?

Sidechain reverb is a trick used to keep the reverb clean and punchy.

While reverb is a great way to bring out vocals and synths, it can often be harsh and overpower elements in your mix.

Sidechaining the reverb enables you to have more control over how much of it is processed.

You can sidechain pretty much any effect you’d like.

I mainly use Logic Pro these days, but I only have access to Garage Band today on this computer (my daughter is on my main MacBook now doing homework lol) so I can’t get into Logic at the moment.

However, I found a great tutorial online that walks you through using sidechain compression. I’ll post the steps for you here:

You’ll need 2 things:

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What is Your Favorite Producer Tag?

Justice League.

I mean the name speaks for itself….

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